Financial and Retirement Planning

Financial and Retirement Planning

Our sister company, Phillip Bates & Co Financial Services, works with clients across the UK helping them to put in place the best possible financial and retirement plans. It is their role as Independent Chartered Financial Planners to help you choose the most suitable investments to help you meet your financial objectives.

They will put in place the most appropriate investment strategy to meet your needs and the one that is best suited to your investment attitude and tax position.

They are committed to understanding your finances, agreeing your objectives and then designing the financial plan to meet with your requirements.

Their experienced team acts for individuals and businesses on savings and investments, retirement planning, pensions, life assurance, health insurance, mortgages and many other aspects of financial life.

They are committed to providing our and their clients with a clear, transparent service with their initial meeting usually being free of charge.

Personal tax planning

Phillip Bates & Co Financial Services Ltd can help with the complex issue of personal tax, we know it can be difficult to understand, which is why we help every step of the way. We take away the time and stress by creating a tax planning strategy that suits your tax affairs, helping ensure you pay the least amount of tax. Our team will advise when payments are due along with what forms need to be filed and returned to keep you compliant.

Capital gains tax

You may be looking at investments, a second property or another asset and our team can make sure you maximise your exemptions while simplifying the difficult area of capital gains tax.

Self assesment

Our tax services make sure that your tax liability is calculated taking into account all allowed exemptions and deductions. We simplify the process by using accountancy software to accurately complete tax returns and calculate any tax liability that may occur, along with any payments that need to be made.

Corporation tax

Corporation tax reliefs and rates change annually, so we ensure that we can provide all the right guidance and advice when looking at exemptions, allowances and deductions that may be available. We will thoroughly review and prepare corporation tax returns in great detail in order to ensure you are complaint and that you don’t incur any penalties.

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